The 26 peaks of Acadia National Park

Here’s a list of the 26 peaks in Acadia National Park. The list includes the old names for 11 of the mountain peaks and the height of each of the mountains. This list is hard to find. It used to be prominent on the park Web site, but we found it most recently at the Cadillac Summit Gift Shop.
1) Cadillac (Green) – 1,530 feet.
2) Sargent – 1,373 feet.
Cadillac Mountain double rainbow

A rare double rainbow (look closely) forms below dark clouds beyond Cadillac Mountain.

3) Dorr (Flying Squadron) – 1,270 feet.
4) Pemetic – 1,248 feet.
5) Penobscot (Jordan) – 1,194 feet.
6) Bernard (of Western) – 1,071 feet.
7) Champlain (Newport) – 1,058 feet.
8) Gilmore – 1,036 feet.
9) Bald – 974 feet.
10) Mansell (of Western) – 949 feet.
11) Cedar Swamp – 942 feet.
12) Parkman (Little Brown) – 941 feet.
13) North Bubble – 872 feet.
14) Norumbega (Brown) – 852 feet.
15) Beech – 839 feet.
16) South Bubble – 766 feet.
Cruise ship off the Porcupine Islands in Acadia National Park

During a hike to Dorr Mountain along Homans Path, people can get fantastic views of the Great Meadow and a cruise ship off the Porcupine Islands.

17) Huguenot Head (Picket) – 731 feet.
18) McFarland – 724 feet.
19) The Triad – 698 feet.
20) Acadia (Robinson) – 681 feet.
21) Youngs – 680 feet.
22) St. Sauveur (Dog) – 679 feet.
23) Day – 580 feet.
24) Gorham – 525 feet.
25) The Beehive – 520 feet.
26) Flying – 284 feet.
Source: National Park Service.

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