Year of celebrating joyously with Acadia Centennial events

Acadia National Park’s 100th year has barely dawned, and already, more than 70 Acadia Centennial events are filling up the official calendar, featuring something for every month, and involving some of the more than 250 Centennial partners.

Centennial logo for Acadia National Park

The official Acadia Centennial logo

This week, a couple of Acadia Senior College courses begin: On Tuesday, Jan. 12, an 8-week series on the history of Acadia National Park, by Acadia Centennial Task Force co-chair Jack Russell; and on Wednesday, Jan. 13, a 6-week session on the geology of Mount Desert Island, by geologist Duane Braun.

Rounding out the Acadia Centennial events this month: A Jan. 23 Ellsworth Public Library presentation on Schoodic Point, by author Allen Workman; a Jan. 25 bean supper and Centennial kick-off event by the Mount Desert Island Historical Society; and a 1-week winter-in-Acadia photography retreat beginning Jan. 31, by photographer Colleen Miniuk-Sperry.

Among the other Acadia Centennial event highlights throughout the year, with some sure to fit into your plans and appeal to your interests:

Acadia Centennial events, products, partnership all ways to celebrate

The Acadia Centennial Web site’s official calendar of events allows you to search by date, or type of activity. Be sure to check back regularly as new Acadia Centennial events get added, and as your plans firm up.

Acadia Centennial

This Acadia Centennial calendar, by ranger naturalist Bob Thayer, can be purchased directly through his photography Web site, at local businesses such as Sherman’s, or online at eParks(R). (Image courtesy of Bob Thayer; see sidebar about eParks(R) links on this site, and for 15% coupon code)

In fact, the Acadia Centennial Web site is the go-to place to check not only for events, but also to find highlights of various Acadia Centennial Partners, learn how such Signature Sponsors as L.L. Bean and Down East Magazine plan to celebrate, shop for officially licensed products and services, and read the latest news about the Centennial celebration.

For example, among the licensed products and services you can learn about on the official Centennial Web site (vendors promise to donate at least 5% of gross proceeds to benefit Acadia):

While you can’t make purchases directly on the Centennial Web site, you’ll find links to where the products and services are available. Not all officially licensed products and services are featured on the Centennial Web site.

acadia Centennial pillow

These pillows are by Benni McMullen of Balsam Point Crafts. Not listed on the official Centennial Web site, they can be custom ordered by going to her Facebook page. (Image courtesy of Benni McMullen)

You can also go to the Web site to get details on how you, too, can become an Acadia Centennial Partner, by making a charitable donation of at least $250, planning a program or event, or pledging at least 5% of gross proceeds from the sale of licensed products and services to benefit Acadia. The Web site suggests 6 Centennial themes for potential partners to consider in putting together their application: Arts; gardens and landscapes; history; kids and teens; recreation and outdoor activities; and science.

Last week, Acadia on My Mind submitted its application to become an Acadia Centennial Partner, proposing programs that cover history, recreation and outdoor activities, and science. Hopefully you’ll see our listing as an official partner soon, along with details of our planned contributions.

Whether you plan to celebrate by attending a few Acadia Centennial events, purchasing some mementos, or joining as a partner yourself, remember this happens only once in a century. So do it up right!

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