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Retrace George Dorr’s footsteps on the Beachcroft Path in Acadia National Park

Another in a series of historic hiking trail highlights leading up to the Acadia Centennial

Walk along the intricately laid stepping stones of Beachcroft Path, and you will find yourself walking in the footsteps of George Dorr, the “father of Acadia National Park.”

George B. Dorr is father of Acadia National Park

George B. Dorr on Beachcroft Path in Acadia National Park. National Park Service photo.

First built in the late 1800s by Dorr and the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association, Beachcroft Path originally began at the garden-like setting of Sieur de Monts.

Construction of Maine Route 3 severed that connection, with the Beachcroft Path trailhead now across from the Tarn parking area, on the east side of Route 3.

But a garden-like series of stepping stones still brings hikers up gradually around dome-shaped Huguenot Head, as it did in the days of Dorr.

Named after the estate of the Bar Harbor summer resident who funded construction, Beachcroft Path offers views north toward Frenchman Bay, west toward Dorr Mountain, south toward the Cranberry Isles, east toward Champlain Mountain, and down to the Tarn.

Hikers today can envision how the path might have been one of Dorr’s favorites. There is an iconic photo of him in front of a distinctive large granite boulder, one foot on a smaller rock, and the stepping stones stretching behind and in front of him. Continue reading

Happy 98th Birthday Acadia National Park!

How are you going to say “Happy Birthday” and celebrate the founding of Acadia National Park on July 8, 1916, as Sieur de Monts National Monument?

George B. Dorr is father of Acadia National Park

George B. Dorr’s spirit lives on in this historic photo at Sieur de Monts Spring at Acadia National Park.

Give thanks to park founder George B. Dorr, the staff and volunteers at Acadia National Park and the countless others that have made Acadia what it is?

Make a donation to Friends of Acadia?

Take a hike along one of the more than 125 miles of historic trails, or bike along the 45 miles of carriage roads donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr.?

Buy a memento of your visit from Eastern National, either at the bookstore at Hulls Cove Visitor Center, or online (special discount of 17.76% – in honor of year of our nation’s founding – see ad to the right, ends July 10), and help the nonprofit support the park?

Or how about post a birthday message on this blog, or upload a favorite Acadia photo to our Facebook account? Continue reading

Compass Harbor Trail leads to missing mansion at Acadia National Park

It’s easy to sense the spirit of park visonary George B. Dorr at the Compass Harbor Trail at Acadia National Park.

Visitors can climb the granite stairs to the ruins of Dorr’s old estate – called Old Farm – and wade into the same deep inlet where Dorr took his regular swims. Continue reading