A slideshow menagerie of wildlife in Acadia National Park

We dug deep into our archives of wildlife in Acadia photos, to add to the growing Anecdata.org citizen science database, “Wildlife Sightings in Acadia National Park.”

Here’s a  slideshow of the photos we’ve just uploaded, of Spruce grouse, Double-crested cormorants, loon, garter snake, Red Admiral butterfly, porcupine, turkey and deer.

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We also uploaded some historic information for garter snakes, dating back to 1939, just as we did earlier for snapping turtles, so that the citizen database could perhaps serve as a baseline of wildlife in Acadia.

In 1939 and 1987, the common garter snake was considered “to be the most common and widespread snake on Mount Desert Island,” according to the 2005 National Park Service report, “Acadia National Park Amphibian and Reptile Inventory.” With 138 such snakes encountered during the course of the inventory, on Mount Desert Island and Isle au Haut, “it still appears to be so.”

Become a citizen scientist, contribute to wildlife in Acadia database

If you have any wildlife in Acadia photos or sightings you want to add to the database, it’s easy to do so, as we wrote about here. Thanks to Jeanette Matlock, who blogs at A Picky Traveler, for contributing her wildlife in Acadia photos already to the database we started.

What wildlife in Acadia sightings can you contribute to the citizen science project?

Here’s a parting shot of one of fellow blogger Jeanette Matlock’s contributions:

buck at schooner head overlook

Jeanette Matlock, blogger at A Picky Traveler, took this photo of a buck with antlers at Schooner Head Overlook in October 2014. She recently uploaded it to the citizen science database we started on Anecdata.org, Wildlfe Sightings in Acadia National Park. Thanks for sharing, Jeanette! (C) MDIBL, Anecdata and contributors


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