On your mark! ‘MegOMoose,’ other virtual racers in Acadia

Ready, set, go! With fun names like “MuddyMom,” “SlowCrawl,” “BunnyButt” and “TheOtherButt,” virtual racers from around Maine and the rest of the country are heading out of the starting gate of the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race today, to help raise funds for charity in Millinocket and Acadia.

virtual race

These may be the only moose you’ll ever see in Acadia. You can start earning one of these classic medals with the raised profile of the Bubbles and Katahdin by signing up for the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race now.

United by a passion for all things Maine or aiming to meet personal running, hiking, walking or charity fund-raising goals, the more than 50 virtual racers signed up so far hail from all corners of the state, from Millinocket to Bar Harbor, Bangor to Bernard, and across the country, from Alabama to Oregon, Missouri to Texas.

Sign up today and you too can join the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race, starting out at the lowest of the 26 peaks of Acadia and heading to the highest mountain in Maine, with the chance to earn a lobster- or moose-themed medal and be entered into giveaways.

acadia to katahdin virtual race

Are you up to the challenge? Virtually climb the 26 Acadia peaks, run the MDI and Millinocket Marathon and scale Katahdin twice? Sign up today.

You have until Dec. 31 to complete the course, and you can backdate miles to Aug. 2. You can log walking, hiking or running miles anywhere in the world, and see your virtual race avatar move across the virtual Maine map, with special pop-up images of all 26 Acadia peaks, Millinocket and Katahdin scenes, and Stephen King-themed sites.

Everyone is a winner, even if you can’t complete all 8 segments of the virtual race route and the full 328.5 miles by the end of the year. That’s because everyone gets a digital race bib, a digital certificate at completion of the race and emailed digital postcards upon finishing even just the first segment of the virtual race route, all 26 peaks of Acadia at 55.2 miles by Dec. 31.

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A detail of the 2019 Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race map. Click on any of the red pindrops and you might see one of the 26 Acadia peaks or a “Where in Acadia?” question. Sign up and see the interactive map here.

Everyone is a winner in the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race

And if you opted for one of the lobster- or moose-themed medals, they’ll be sent out beginning mid-October and no later than Dec. 31, even if you haven’t completed all 328.5 miles, as everyone is a winner.

lobster medal

One of 3 classic medals available if you sign up today. The new 2019 lobster-and-moose medal by Ashworth Awards, the same company that makes the Boston Marathon and MDI Marathon & Half medals will be unveiled soon.

The virtual race includes the entire real-life route of MDI Marathon & Half that’s happening Oct. 20, and the Millinocket Marathon & Half that’s happening Dec. 7. Co-sponsored by Acadia on My Mind and organizers of the real-life MDI and Millinocket races, the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race is also the virtual edition of the Sea to Summit Series, where runners who participate in both the real-life MDI and Millinocket races can earn a special Sea to Summit finisher’s medallion. Register now.

Since 2017, the virtual race has raised $1,175 for charity, with nearly 200 participants from around the world, ages 10 to 70+, logging a total of more than 107,000 miles on the virtual race map, by running, walking or hiking anywhere in the world.

This year’s virtual race celebrates the 100th anniversary of Acadia becoming the first eastern national park and the related effort of renaming peaks, with Green now known as Cadillac, for instance, as well as the Millinocket Memorial Library Centennial. The charities benefit from the virtual race: Friends of Acadia, Millinocket Memorial Library and Our Katahdin. Read more about this year’s virtual race here.

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Everyone who signs up automatically gets a digital race bib – what motivation! And even if you can’t complete the 328.5 miles by Dec. 31, you will will receive a digital certificate at the end marking your participation, plus other fun motivation along the way. Sign up now. (Image courtesy of racery)

It’s easy to join the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Racers

What are virtual races, you ask? They let people from anywhere in the USA or the world sign up to run, hike, walk, snowshoe, cross-country ski or log other forms of miles, whether to raise funds for charity, earn a finisher’s medallion or just set a fitness goal. Races can include technology-driven virtual routes that allow participants to see their progress, get a Google photo of their virtual location and check out the competition online, such as in the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Race. Or it can be as simple as allowing people to record their mileage via the honor system in order to get a medal in the mail. There are different themes for virtual races with medals, and even Disney runs them. Check out what a virtual racer experience can be like in this short video by racery.com, which hosts our races on its online platform.

  1. Sign up with your name and e-mail at this registration page
  2. The race starts on Aug. 2 and ends Dec. 31
  3. You can track your daily miles any way you like, and can backdate them to Aug. 2
  4. Log your miles on the race page
  5. Racery will keep track of fun stats like your total mileage and miles per week

Thanks to Racery’s virtual race platform, which has powered our virtual challenges since 2016. In addition to virtual races for charity fundraising like ours, Racery hosts many company virtual fitness challenges. Race hosts can use Racery for a virtual swim in the English Channel, a virtual walk on the Moon, or an Everest virtual stair challenge.

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Suitable for sharing, and inviting family and friends to log miles virtually with you across the state of Maine, no matter where in the world they may be – sign up now! (Image courtesy of Racery)

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    Are their key mile markers with pretty views or summits?

    Is there a map we can view beforehand for incentive?

    Thank you.

    1. Acadia on my mind Post author

      Hi 27Rings, yes, if you are on the virtual race map, you can click on the red pindrops for a pop up photo. Am about to share on the virtual race Facebook group page a “Where in Acadia?” from one of the pop-ups, so will tag you in the message board with the url. And you may have also noticed that if you happen to land on a spot on the map independent of a red pindrop, you may still get a nice view if Google has a photo in the system. Thanks for being part of the virtual race!

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