Acadia National Park also home to wild turkeys

Acadia National Park is noted for its peregrine falcons, migrating hawks and near-ubiquitous turkey vultures.

Wild turkeys are also gobbling up space in the park.

We recently spotted some wild turkeys on what we now call “turkey island,” a traffic island located at the park entrance off ME Route 233.

During a visit to the park in April 2014, we took this video of about six turkeys in mixed woods at the base of the Orange & Black Path off Schooner Head Road. We spotted the turkeys after a hike on Orange & Black to Champlain Mountain.

The turkeys in this video appeared to be chicken. Maybe they feared becoming part of Easter dinner.

We’ve also seen wild turkeys along ME 3, just outside the Sieur de Monts park entrance, and along the Park Loop Road. They’re a sight to see, and are fascinating creatures.

wild turkeys

When we saw this flock of wild turkeys near Acadia National Park’s Sieur de Monts entrance, we had to stop and take a photo. A group of turkeys can also be called a rafter, gang, posse, crop or dole.

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