Year in review: Top 5 Acadia stories, top 5 blog posts in 2015

UPDATE 2/14/2016: Revised 2015 park statistics show 2.8 million visitors to Acadia, most since 1995. Change primarily a result of more accurate count of Schoodic visitors. Link to final numbers here.

UPDATED 1/6/16: December visitors to Acadia total 13,880, pushing total in 2015 to 2.756 million, up 7.5% from 2014, most since 2.760 million in 1997. See updated story and link below to NPS statistics.

Here are the top 5 Acadia news stories for 2015, in Acadia on My Mind’s opinion:

Schoodic woods

Campers, hikers and bicyclists can find out more information about Schoodic Woods at this new visitor center.

  • Schoodic Woods opens – In the biggest addition to Acadia National Park in years, Schoodic Woods opened in September, with 94 RV and tent sites in the campground, and 8.3 miles of bike paths and 4.7 miles of hiking trails across more than 1,400 acres. The land had originally been proposed for a resort with hotel, golf course, sports center and luxury villas, but a change in ownership in 2011 led to a conservation easement and the development of Schoodic Woods, next to the existing Schoodic section of Acadia. The plan is to ultimately have the park-run Schoodic Woods become park property. The campground is open seasonally, but the trails are open year-round.

    Kevin Schneider was named the new superintendent of Acadia National Park.

    Kevin Schneider, deputy superintendent of Grand Teton National Park, is scheduled to start work as the new superintendent of Acadia National Park in January. Schneider replaces Sheridan Steele who retired in late October. (NPS Photo)

  • Record-breaking October, most visitors since 1997 – Acadia had more than 2.74 million visitors through November, up 7.6% over the same time last year. It’s the first time since 1997 that visitation broke 2.7 million. October saw 335,000 visitors, up 6.7% over that same month a year ago. A combination of warmer than usual weather, increased cruise ship traffic, national publicity from 2014, and a stronger economy may have all contributed to the greater numbers, according to Charlie Jacobi, natural resource specialist for Acadia National Park. December drew 13,880 people to the park, bringing the total for 2015 to 2.756 million, up 7.5 percent over 2014. The park’s fare-free Island Explorer bus also broke records, with more than 533,000 passengers tallied, up 6 percent from last year.
  • Changing of the guard – Sheridan Steele retires as superintendent after 12 years with Acadia. Among the accomplishments he points to: Development of the Schoodic Education and Research Center at the old Naval base on Schoodic Peninsula, and of Schoodic Woods. The new superintendent, Kevin Schneider, begins on the job in late January.
  • Long-term transportation planning begins – With crowds leading to the shutdown of the Cadillac parking lot at peak times and other traffic issues, the park launched a long-term transportation planning process. Among the ideas being explored: Occasional car-free Saturday mornings, and more frequent Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor ferry service and Island Explorer buses to attract visitors to Schoodic.
  • President Obama’s July 2010 trip to Acadia used to push climate change action – Not once, but twice, the White House included a photo of President Obama and family hiking Cadillac in 2010 as part of calls to action on climate change. This summer, the photo was included in a climate action video. And a few weeks ago, the same photo was used in social media to illustrate President Obama’s comments during the UN Climate Change conference.

    President Barack Obama hikes Acadia National Park

    This July 2010 photo of President Barack Obama and family on top of Cadillac made a couple of appearances in 2015 climate change action media put out by the White House. (White House photo)

Top 5 Acadia on My Mind blog posts reach thousands of readers

And here are the top 5 Acadia on My Mind blog posts, based on page views. To make sure you don’t miss any of our posts in 2016, feel free to enter your e-mail in the subscription field in the sidebar.

bates cairn

Each Bates-style cairn is unique in its coloring and shape, such as this one along the Dorr North Ridge Trail. Don’t be tempted to add to, or take away from, these trail-marking structures.

    1. Top 5 things to see and do for long-time visitors to Acadia – This was a complement to the guest blog post we did for L.L. Bean, on the top 5 things to see and do for first-time visitors to Acadia.
    2. Winter a secret wonderland in Acadia National Park – Featuring suggestions for winter activities and places to stay and eat, this post is great for off-season trip planning.
    3. The cairns of Acadia: Objects of wonder, subjects of vandals – Interview with Charlie Jacobi, Acadia natural resource specialist, highlights the special Bates-style cairns that mark the trails of Acadia, and also the challenges of maintaining them.
    4. Bar Harbor year-round lodging, restaurants, shopping – This page added in early 2015 lists year-round establishments and features links to businesses’ Web sites or Facebook pages, and TripAdvisor(R) reviews where available. Useful for visitors, as well as local residents.
    5. First-time visitor to Acadia? Ask Acadia on My Mind! – This is the first of a series launched this year, to help answer questions readers may have, whether first-timers or long-time visitors to Acadia National Park.

      Centennial logo for Acadia National Park

      Stay tuned for our Centennial plans in 2016

That’s just the top 5 Acadia on My Mind blog posts for 2015. This past year, we’ve written nearly 50, on such topics as wildlife, Snowy owls, historic vista restoration, new wayside exhibits and trail highlights, like the open house at the Beech Mountain firetower. You can look for these and other topics in the search field in the sidebar.

We’ve been doing this blog for just over 1-1/2 years now, and look forward to keeping it up through Acadia’s Centennial. Since the beginning we’ve published a total of 93 blog posts, including this one.

Who knew there would be so much to write about Acadia year-round?

Stay tuned as we finalize our application to become an Acadia Centennial Partner, and announce our initiatives for 2016.

Happy New Year, and may Acadia be in your plans, and on your mind, during the Centennial celebration!

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