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Artist in residence program a draw at Acadia National Park

UPDATE 11/18/2017: Deadline for applying for the 2018-2019 Artist-in-Residence program at Acadia National Park is 1/15/2018.

UPDATE 12/30/2014: Added link to new New Yorker article about Artist-in-Residence Jim Nickelson’s full-moon photographs in body of story.

Like generations of painters before him Robert Dorlac found inspiration along the rockbound coast of Maine, when he served as artist in residence at Acadia National Park this summer.

acadia watercolor

The many hues of Acadia’s granite contrast with the blue-green sea in one of Robert Dorlac’s watercolors. (Copyright Robert Dorlac. All rights reserved)

For photographer Jim Nickelson, it was the night sky and shimmering aurora borealis over Acadia.

And for the 16 others accepted this year into the Artist-in-Residence Program at Acadia National Park, the landscape in all its variety sparks the creativity, whether it’s expressed in writing or sculpture, collage or woodcut.

The program, also known as A-I-R, is one of more than 50 such residencies at national park units around the country, from Denali in Alaska to Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa, the Everglades in Florida to Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts.

Artist in residence

The Northern Lights as seen from Cadillac, looking toward the city lights of Ellsworth, as captured by Jim Nickelson during his residency. (Copyright Jim Nickelson. All rights reserved.)

The deadline for applying to be an artist in residence next year in Acadia is Jan. 16. Every year, from 12 to 20 artists, plus 5 alternates, are selected for a 2- to 4-week residency by the park and its nonprofit partner, the Schoodic Institute, with free housing provided on the campus of the Schoodic Education and Research Center, in the only section of the park on the mainland.

Those applying can be professional writers, composers, visual or performing artists. They are asked to participate in one public program each week of residency and donate a representative piece of work to be auctioned or sold, with the proceeds supporting the residency program. There is no stipend; the artists are technically considered volunteers. Continue reading